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    1. 企業介紹
      電話:0931-2143556 / 2143558
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      Lanzhou second power high voltage motor Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of second power group. The group started planning in 2012, and formally established Lanzhou second power high voltage motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as second power Co., Ltd.) in 2016. It is the largest sales and manufacturing enterprise of motor and power generation equipment in Northwest China, and has national technology center, detection and test station in Northwest China, as well as complete set of wind power in Gansu Province Engineering technology research center. In the same year, it passed ISO9001 quality system certification and UKAS quality management system certification authorized by Royal Accreditation Council. It has obtained the three-level confidentiality certification and the qualification of national weapon equipment contractor, and has been officially listed as one of the high voltage and high efficiency motor promotion enterprises of Huimin project.
      Through the efforts of the group company, enterprises from small to large, from weak to strong, the larger the scale, the overall strength of the enterprise is increasing, and the influence of the market is increasing. The enterprise has become the leader of the motor industry, one of the 50 key enterprises in Gansu Province, which has won the honorary title of the machinery industry management demonstration enterprise and the Chinese quality and credit enterprise. Comprehensive sales of 3 million kW in 2013, of which large and medium voltage and high voltage inverter motor sales of 2 million 107 thousand and 300 KW.
      Adhering to the road of technological innovation is the survival of the two lanes stock. Two LAN shares always adhere to the market orientation, increase structural adjustment, pay attention to the development of new products, set up a "big, new, special, short, flat, fast" product development policy, and have set up a logistics warehouse in the northeast of North China (Beijing) (Shenyang) southwest (Chengdu) and other areas, greatly shortening the supply of users. Between. Through the application of new technology, new technology, new materials, and new equipment, we can produce one generation, research and develop one generation, and store one generation. First, we should pay more attention to improving the ability of independent research and development, two is the joint development and development with colleges and universities, and the three is the advanced technology of grafting the world. It has introduced the advanced technology of the world famous companies such as GE, German AEG, SIEMENS and Japanese MITSUBISHI successively. So that the performance of the product continues to improve, specifications and types continue to increase, enterprises should enhance confidence in the market.


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