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TraVacOH (Travel Vaccinations & Occupational Health consultancy) New Address Rear Side Clinic Rooms, Broadway Pharmacy, 185 Muswell Hill Broadway, London N10 3RS


TraVacOH aims to provide a professional service, enabling customers to meet their legislative business needs and personal Health travel arrangements through our consultative practice. TraVacOH recognise the need for a timely service in order to aid in the reduction of costs and time to our clients, whether its vaccinations for travel or occupational health services for Business. 


TraVacOH aims to be competitive in the market place keeping costs as low as possible whilst providing the highest quality of service. We understand time and money is important both to the individual and business Sectors which is why our service charges are reviewed on a regular basis.


TraVacOH is committed to provide a service package to meet your bespoke requirements whether you’re an individual looking for Travel Vaccinations visiting our practice or a Business looking for Occupational Health Services at your Premise.

TraVacOH Occupational Health Service


Although a single resourse we are aiming to become a team of Occupational Health Consultants experienced in a variety of industries including the IT/Telecommunications industry, the Retail/Wholesale industry, large/small office based organisations, and many more industries.


Our Service Categories fall under the following


 Pre-placement Assessments


Pre-placement assessment is to ensure that candidates are fit for the job requirements and to assess any pre-existing health conditions in relation to their impact on the job or the impact of the job upon their health condition. This ensures that the employer can make reasonable adjustments to the method of working.


Sickness Absence/Attendance Management


We will provide a qualified and competent professional who can advise your business in individual sickness absence cases, improving your workforce attendance and productivity, promoting health and wellbeing and therefore saving costs and lost productivity within the business.

Occupational Health can and will facilitate

Early return to work of the individual in question,

Provide an independent opinion of absence so that management can make suitable plans,

Provide an agreed structured and possible phased return to work following long term sickness absence,

Evaluate and advise on an individual’s fitness to perform a particular job,

Investigate poor performance where ill health may be the reason and develop an action plan for improvement.

Where appropriate we will facilitate telephone consultations keeping time away from work tasks as low as possible and save your business loss of productivity 



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