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We provide fitness for work medicals to assess employee fitness to undertake specific work tasks that fall under the job profile for that employee. E.g. Driver medicals; forklift truck drivers as examples.


Statutory medicals


There are regulations that require employers to ensure employees undertaking certain work activities with specified hazards and employees are required to have suitable medicals


The Company/employer is responsible for ensuring their employees have the relevant medicals at the pre-determined intervals using the services of an appointed Doctor under Health & Safety guidelines, These statutory medical examinations will ensure that the work undertaken by the employee in relation to regulations do not have an adverse effect on the individuals health.

Medicals for Pension Schemes

Pension Scheme Trustees must ensure they have access to a professional medical expert such as an Occupational Physician for independent advice on ill health retirement matters in case a decision is challenged.

We at TraVacOH are equipped to provide clear and informed assessments of fitness to work across a range of work situations. Medicals are sometimes a basic requirement for application to private and company pension schemes.


On-site Screening

TraVacOH has the facility to carry out Screening  on your premises which includes:


Audiometry, lung function, eye tests, blood pressure, and general health reviews. Our Screening technician will advise the customer of the most practical and cost effective way to carry out the on-site screening.


Musculoskeletal Services: Referral to a qualified off-site Physiotherapist available if required at a reasonable cost, Note the Physiotherapist is not part of the company only a recommedation as the choice remaims yours.

We aim to give advice on the restoration of normal body movement as much as possible in cases of illness, injury and disability. As well as treating a specific problem, your consultant may also suggest ways you can improve your general wellbeing.

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